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SLT in Ireland, 50 Bliain ag Fás

Leading, Exploring, Discovering

It all began in 1969 at the Dublin College of Speech Therapy. We look forward to celebrating 50 years of educating Speech and Language Therapists in Ireland at the conference.

Dublin College of Speech Therapy

Leading, Exploring, Discovering

The journey of SLT and the IASLT

At the 2019 Biennial IASLT Conference, we will once again be showcasing the research carried out by Irish and international SLTs


50 Bliain ag Fás

At the IASLT Biennial Conference in May, we plan to celebrate the Golden Anniversary of Speech Therapy (later Speech and Language Therapy) education in Ireland. Over the two days of the Conference, there will be an exhibition of memorabilia and photographs, interactive items and surprises! So keep sending in your pieces of history, however recent, the celebration belongs to everyone.

Amongst the speakers on the afternoon of May 16th, Sr. Marie De Montfort, the first Director of the course will tell her fascinating story. Ms. Lilly Cheng, President of the International Association of Logopedics and Phoniatrics will also attend.

The evening will end with a reception, which we hope will be attended by graduates from every one of the fifty years.

So, hunt down all those interesting nuggets and send them in. We are particularly keen to have a copy of each graduate class, but want everything else too.

See you there!

Sr. Marie De Montfort

Sr. Marie De Montfort

Professor Dorothy Bishop

Dorothy Bishop is a psychologist who holds a Wellcome Trust Principal Research Fellowship at the University of Oxford, where she heads an ERC-funded programme of research into cerebral lateralisation for language. She is a supernumerary fellow of St John’s College Oxford, a Fellow of the Royal Society, Fellow of the British Academy and Fellow of the Academy of Medical Sciences.

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David Howard

David Howard is a speech and language therapist and cognitive neuropsychologist. He has been a research professor at Newcastle University since 1996. His research has been on language processing in people with normal language and those with language disorders, with a particular focus on aphasia and aphasia therapy. He is an author of clinical tests in a variety of languages, has co-authored 10 books and more than 120 papers.

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Gary Boyle

Gary has made it his mission to drive Patient Advocacy forward so that in all medical consultations the Patient is always placed first; is always considered the expert in whatever condition is diagnosed.

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Christina McKean

Cristina McKean is a speech and language therapist, senior lecturer and researcher based at Newcastle University, UK. She is Honorary Fellow at the Murdoch Children's Research Institute and Adjunct Fellow at the Menzies Institute Griffith University. Her research is driven and informed by her many years as a practitioner.

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Adam Harris

Adam Harris is a 24 year old social entrepreneur, Autism advocate and Founder-CEO of AsIAm.ie, an organisation committed to building a more Autism-friendly society in Ireland. Adam established AsIAm.ie based on his own experiences of growing up with Aspergers Syndrome, a condition on the Autism Spectrum.

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Áine Flynn

Áine Flynn holds a law degree and M.Litt. from Trinity College Dublin. She was admitted as a solicitor in 1999 and from 2012-2017 was a senior partner in KOD Lyons, a firm specialising in public interest law, including disability and equality law. She was on the panel of legal representatives of the Mental Health Commission and the Mental Health (Criminal Law) Review Board from their inception in 2006 and also represented Wards of Court instructed by the General Solicitor.

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Yvonne Lynch

Yvonne Lynch is a Research Fellow at Manchester Metropolitan University working on the NIHR funded I-ASC study. Yvonne is a speech-language therapist by profession and has a long-standing passion for the field of AAC. She has many years’ experience working and managing services for people who use AAC. Her PhD awarded by Trinity College Dublin explored intervention methods in AAC with a particular focus on graphic symbol knowledge.

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Day 1 - Thursday 16th May
08:15 Registration & Breakfast
Nutricia Suite
09:00 Vickie Kirkpatrick – IASLT Chairperson – Opening Address
09:15 Keynote Speaker: Dorothy Bishop
Speciality Seminars
Nutricia Suite
Developmental Communication
Fresnius Kabi Suite
Feeding, Eating, Drinking and Swallowing
Wiltshire Farm Foods Suite
Acquired Communication Disorders
10:15 Guest Speaker: Cristina McKean Guest Speaker: Zelda Greene Guest Speaker: Nicole Muller
10:45 O'Toole
Longitudinal Study of Expressive Language and Speech of Twins at 3 and 5 years: Outgrowing a Twinning Effect
Accuracy in Adult Videofluoroscopy Analysis
Management of Cognitive Communication Difficulties in Dementia: A Cross Sessional Survey of Speech and Language Therapists in Ireland
11:00 Break Kindly Sponsored by Nutricia
11:30 Frizelle
Assessing Children’s Understanding of Complex Syntax: A Comparison of Two Methods
Trends in Gastrostomy Insertion and Post-treatment Tube Dependence in Head Neck Cancer Patients at Beaumont Hospital
Dementia Among Multilinguals: Why Does Language Choice Matter?
11:45 Wright
The Prevalence and Predictors of Transient Versus Persistent Speech and Language Difficulties at Ages 3 and 5 in Ireland
Dysphagia in Cancers Outside the Head, Neck and Upper Gastrointestinal Tract: Prevalence, Characteristics, and Impact
Remember to Listen – Hearing the Voice of the Person with Dementia in the Acute Hospital Setting
12:00 Bowles
Predicting Expressive Vocabulary Change in Young Children Growing Up in Ireland
Establishing Consensus on the Natures of Risk and Comfort Feeding in Stroke and Geriatric Healthcare
‘Compassion in Care’: An Education Series on Person-Centred Communication Skills in Residential Care "
12:15 Panel Discussion Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
12:45 Lunch
Nutricia Suite
1:45 Invited Speaker: Áine Flynn
Speciality Seminars
Nutricia Suite
Acquired Communication Disorders
Fresnius Kabi Suite
Developmental Communication
Wiltshire Farm Foods Suite
SLT: Past and Future
2:15 Molloy
Diagnosis of Acquired Apraxia of Speech: How Do Research and Practice Compare?
Happy Talk: How Targeted Universal Models of Care Can Work to Engage Parents Living in Disadvantage
Communication Disability and the Sustainable Development Goals; A Narrative Review with Reflection on the Implications for Irish Speech and Language Therapists
2:30 McMenamin
Using Participatory Research to Involve People with Aphasia as Co-researchers in the Research Process: An analysis of Co-researchers’ Experiences
Measuring the Sensitivity of a Screening Tool for Teacher Identification of Children at Risk of Speech, Language and/or Communication difficulties in the Primary School Context
The Evolution of Speech and Language Therapy in our Lady’s Children’s Hospital since 1962: Embracing Complexity, Diversity and Change
2:45 Break Kindly Sponsored by Wiltshire Farm Foods
3:00 Kelly
Developing a Website for People with Aphasia, in Collaboration with People with Aphasia.
Parental Experience of Speech and Language Therapy Services for Children with Developmental Communication Disorders using Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis
O’ Dwyer
Speech and Language Therapy in Ireland – Female Stronghold or Glass Box: An Update 25 Years On
3:15 McGreevy
Making Galway an Aphasia-Friendly City
Student Presentation
‘Talk Time’ Developing Language Enrichment Support Material for the Toolkit of the new Primary Language Curriculum
Information Sharing Session on the “In Schools Project”
3:30 Panel Discussion Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
Nutricia Suite
4:00 Guest Speaker: Adam Harris
6:00 “Meet and Mingle” Including a Celebration of 50 years of Speech and Language Therapy Training in Ireland
Day 2 - Friday 17th May
Nutricia Suite
09:00 Keynote Speaker: David Howard
Speciality Seminars
Nutricia Suite
Feeding, Eating, Drinking and Swallowing
Fresnius Kabi Suite
Intellectual Disability and AAC
Wiltshire Farm Foods Suite
Fluency, Mental Health and Wellbeing
10:00 Guest Speaker: Margaret Walshe Guest Speaker: Yvonne Lynch Guest Speaker: Irene Walsh
10:30 Bonass
What is the Experience of Non-Oral Feeding for the Family Caregivers of People Living with Dysphagia? A Meta-Ethnography of Studies
Student Presentation
O’ Toole
What is the Evidence for Parent-Mediated Interventions? Findings from a Cochrane Systematic Review for Young Children with Down syndrome
Supporting Ourselves in Order to Support Others: Self-Care and Resilience for Speech and Language Therapists
10:45 Break Kindly Sponsored by Nutricia
11:15 Farrell
Reducing Door to Swallow Screening Time in Beaumont Hospital
O’ Donoghue
The Role of Peers in Developing Communication Skills in Minimally Verbal Autistic Children
Effectiveness of Stuttering Intervention on Communication and Psychosocial Functioning in Adults who Stutter; A Systematic Review of Controlled Trials
11:30 Robinson
Improving Medication Administration for Patients with Dysphagia
The Use of Emergent Technologies in Locked-In Syndrome: Use of the Emego Switch
O’ Dwyer
The Role of Narratives in the Development of Stuttering
11:45 Keohane
Aspirations: Using Clinical Care Pathways to Guide Dysphagia Management in an Adult Acute Population
Speech Disorders in Children with Spina Bifida
Exploring the Lived Experience of Aphasia: The Caregivers’ Perspective
Student Presentation
12:00 Grealy
Knowledge of Final Year Medical Students about Dysphagia
Student Presentation
The Understanding of Complex Syntax in Children with Down syndrome
Not Just ‘lived’ but Living Experiences of Challenges to Identity and Communication in Adult-Diagnosed ASD and ADHD
12:15 Panel Discussion Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
12:45 Lunch
Nutricia Suite
1:50 Glennon Insurance Suite
2:00 Guest Speaker: Jois Stansfield
Speciality Seminars
Nutricia Suite
Acquired Communication Disorders
Fresnius Kabi Suite
Autism Spectrum Disorder
Wiltshire Farm Foods Suite
Developmental Communication and Bilingualism
2:30 Kearns
Self-administered aphasia rehabilitation targeting auditory comprehension: a feasibility study
Empowering or Isolating? Mothers’ Perceptions of Their Role in Parent Mediated Interventions for Children with ASD
Translating Research into Practice Through an Academic/Clinical Alliance: A Pilot Study on Assessment and Diagnosis of Multilingual Children
2:45 Conroy
Anomia in People with Rapidly Evolving Severe Relapsing-remitting Multiple Sclerosis: Both Word Retrieval Inaccuracy and Delay are Common Symptoms
The Effect of Video Modelling as an Intervention Tool to Develop Pretend Play Skills for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder
Student Presentation
Mother-Child Conversations about Cleft Lip/Palate
3:00 Break Kindly Sponsored by Fresnuis Kabi
3:15 Franklin
Efficacy Studies in Aphasia Research: The AsPIRE Project
Exploring the Living Experience of Fathers Rasing Children Diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD): A Comprehensive Literature Review
Establishing principles of best collaborative practice when working with children in school with developmental language disorders: A Delphi survey
3:30 Doyle
The Collaborative Development of an Irish Message Banking Pathway
Developmental Transitioning in Education: Does the Communication Ability of Adolescents on the Autistic Spectrum Impact Experiences?
Parent-Led Articulation Therapy – A trial of Parent Delivered Intervention Supported by Telemedicine
3:45 Panel Discussion Panel Discussion Panel Discussion
Nutricia Suite
4:00 Closing Guest Speaker: Gary Boyle
4:30 Prize Giving
4:45 Close of Conference 2019

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